Designing Cities for Knowledge

How can the physical environment of universities and science parks better support knowledge generation and exchange within their urban context

The “Designing Cities for Knowledge” project is exploring how the physical environment supports the development of knowledge rich urban areas worldwide. The objective is to search for new ways to create, design and renew urban spaces in terms of their impact on the social and cultural context of knowledge generation.

Here we want to engage university leaders, policy-makers, designers, academics and experts worldwide in deepening the discussion about potential scenarios for creating and designing cities for knowledge.

Two of the key components of the knowledge infrastructure are university campuses and science parks. Although they are not the only components by their very nature they do form a hub around which is generated the knowledge that forms the backbone of societies and economies.

How then do we create and design cities that facilitate the interactions needed for learning and knowledge dissemination?

On this page we will publish thoughts, provocations and information on the development of the Cities4K project.

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